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Finding the Best UK Web Hosting Company

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Purchasing a web hosting service needs to be meticulous. It may be easy as many web-hosting providers are available in the market, but it is important to know which of these providers are able to give quality service to their customers. In order to know customers consider the best, there is a need to visit sites that offer UK web hosting reviews. This will give you the opportunity to know which are the competitive providers that will guarantee superb service that will be there 24/7 the whole year round.

Here are our current top 10 UK web hosting providers:

  1. Host Papa is ranked first as the best web host provider which has a 96% overall rating. They provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth costing for as low as £2.95 per month.
  2. HostClear is top two on the list with 96% rating. They also offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and free domain that costs £2.95 per month.
  3. eUKHost is ranked third which also has 96% rating. Their price costs for as low as £2.50 a month. The disk space capacity is 400mb with bandwidth of 5000mb.
  4. is ranked fourth on the list with a rating of 92%. With the cost as low as £3.95 per month, they allot 3000mb of disk space and 100000mb bandwidth. A free domain name is included in their bundled services.
  5. HeartInternet is ranked fifth by consumers as the best web-hosting provider with a rating of 88%.With a £2.49 per month fee; you will have a 5000mb disk space and 30000mb bandwidth.
  6. VidaHost is top six with a rating of 84%. They provide 2000mb of disk space and 25000mb bandwidth costing for as low as £2.99 per month.
  7. Lunarpages web hosting is seventh on the list which has an 84% overall rating. They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth that costs £2.99 per month. A free domain name is also included.
  8. WebhostingUK also has 84% ranking which made them rank eight on the list. With a price that starts at £2.49, they offer 200mb disk space and 3000mb bandwidth.
  9. is ranked ninth on their list with a rating of 80%. For as low as £1.85 a month, they offer 100mb of disk space and 1500mb of bandwidth.
  10. EasySpace is top 10 on the list with an overall rating of 72%. They offer 3000mb of disk space, unlimited bandwidth and free domain for as low as £2.25 per month.

All the companies listed above provide major web hosting features that include PHP, MySQL, Microsoft FrontPage extensions, email accounts and a lot more other useful web hosting features. Therefore, if you are looking for a shared, reseller, dedicated or VPS web hosting provider, you may purchase the services of any of the listed providers above as they guarantee quality service to their customers.

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Choosing a UK Web Hosting Service

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The World Wide Web is the modern day place where one can advertise one’s product and offered services. It is also where one can buy anything over the internet and other computer networks. Of course, the old ways of advertising is still available such as media and newspaper, but the internet is so wide and covers bigger ground as many people nowadays go over the internet to gather information and to buy and/or sell. A company needs to be competitive in the market and having a website is a very good advantage. The question is how you can have a website, especially if you are not knowledgeable about these things.

Web hosting is the answer to that question. You do not need to be internet savvy because the hosting company will do the posting of your products regardless if they are goods or services. In addition, with that, they will make your website available on the internet. Today, many UK web-hosting companies will provide you that service. They vary in price and features that depend on the plan one will avail. One thing that you need to keep in mind is whether they are available 24/7 to assist you in case you have difficulties with their product, or if you have queries, comments, suggestions, or if you have problem with the product itself. It is important that they provide support 24/7, 365 days a year. Also, make sure that you do a background check among these companies. It is important to choose the one that is reputable and has been in the service for a long time.

The services that are commonly offered by web hosting companies are as follows: disk space, bandwidth, and domain. The disk space they offer ranges from 100mb to unlimited storage capacity. Bandwidth starts from 1500mb to unlimited depending with which company you purchase the service. The domain can be free from other hosting companies while others have a fee that starts at £2. Aside from those three mentioned offers, they also have additional features that they give as free to their customers. Just note that the following features may or may not be available in the plan you chose to purchase. Bundled in their plans are these extra features: unlimited account capacity, unlimited sub domains, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited hosted domains, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited FTP accounts, free site builder and templates, free control panel (which can be WHM/cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin or H-Sphere), free e-commerce shopping carts, free automated billing systems, free domain reseller account and free website templates.

The price also varies among these companies and among the plans they offer. The range starts from £1.50 to £550 per month. Each plan also has different hardware infrastructure regardless if you need basic, advanced, professional or ultimate web hosting. If you are a small business or enterprise level business, they have plans that will surely meet your requirements. Even if you only plan to host a personal website, they will have a plan that would best suit your needs.

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Top UK Web Hosting Sites

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There are several popular web hosting sites available today.  Each offers their own version of web hosting, complete with varying options and fees.  Some websites have options for businesses while others offer free domain names.  As such, it pays to know what you want and find the appropriate web hosting site for you.

HostPapa is one of the top UK web hosting sites.  Through this website, you are able to register one domain name free for life.  Additionally, you can add on as many domain names as you want for one low monthly fee.  There are no set up fees associated with this website.  Finally, users of this website are entitled to unlimited monthly bandwidth.

Another popular web hosting site is 1&1.  This site offers many options with regard to web hosting.  Users of this site have options with regard to both business and personal web hosting.  1&1 offers users web hosting through Linux and Microsoft Windows.  This website offers the user the opportunity to fully manage his or her account, including access to e-mails, software, and billing.

Webfusion is yet another web hosting site.  Webfusion offers four different hosting plans depending on the needs of the user.  All plans include anti-spam and virus protection.  Additionally, Webfusion customers retain control of their websites and upgrades are available as needed.

UK2 offers users a choice of two different plans.  One plan is for individuals and the other plan is for business.  UK2 offers users a free domain name as well as lightning fast customer service.  For those who like to problem solve, UK2 offers users the opportunity to perform their own technical support.

Web Hosting UK is an automated web hosting site.  While they use the term “automated”, Web Hosting UK offers exceptional customer service and technical support.  Additionally, Web Hosting UK’s site supports a variety of media players.  Additionally, Web Hosting UK offers one free domain name for life.

Another popular web hosting website is FastVision.  FastVision is a shared web hosting site that offers users customer service based in the United Kingdom.  FastVision offers unlimited web site registration.  Additionally, FastVision offers password protection, anti-virus, and spam protection.

UKHost4U offers fully automated web hosting.  This site offers free domain registration with unlimited sub-domains as well as unlimited parked domains.  Users of UKHost4U are able to choose live customer service or self-guided troubleshooting, depending on the needs of the user.

Heart Internet is one of the only web hosting sites that offers a price freeze guarantee.  The basic package offers the very basic features, so users are encouraged to purchase a package upgrade in order to have access to a variety of features.  Heart Internet also offers customer support via instant message for immediate troubleshooting.

Finally, Easily offers a unique pay-as-you-go transfer system.  Easily allows users to choose from Linux or Microsoft software.  Customer service for this website is London-based and includes a live chat option.

While web hosting sites offer many of the same services, each are unique and offer services exclusive to them.   Therefore, it is important that you review the various web hosting sites and choose the one that offers the most for you and for your money.

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