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There are several popular web hosting sites available today.  Each offers their own version of web hosting, complete with varying options and fees.  Some websites have options for businesses while others offer free domain names.  As such, it pays to know what you want and find the appropriate web hosting site for you.

HostPapa is one of the top UK web hosting sites.  Through this website, you are able to register one domain name free for life.  Additionally, you can add on as many domain names as you want for one low monthly fee.  There are no set up fees associated with this website.  Finally, users of this website are entitled to unlimited monthly bandwidth.

Another popular web hosting site is 1&1.  This site offers many options with regard to web hosting.  Users of this site have options with regard to both business and personal web hosting.  1&1 offers users web hosting through Linux and Microsoft Windows.  This website offers the user the opportunity to fully manage his or her account, including access to e-mails, software, and billing.

Webfusion is yet another web hosting site.  Webfusion offers four different hosting plans depending on the needs of the user.  All plans include anti-spam and virus protection.  Additionally, Webfusion customers retain control of their websites and upgrades are available as needed.

UK2 offers users a choice of two different plans.  One plan is for individuals and the other plan is for business.  UK2 offers users a free domain name as well as lightning fast customer service.  For those who like to problem solve, UK2 offers users the opportunity to perform their own technical support.

Web Hosting UK is an automated web hosting site.  While they use the term “automated”, Web Hosting UK offers exceptional customer service and technical support.  Additionally, Web Hosting UK’s site supports a variety of media players.  Additionally, Web Hosting UK offers one free domain name for life.

Another popular web hosting website is FastVision.  FastVision is a shared web hosting site that offers users customer service based in the United Kingdom.  FastVision offers unlimited web site registration.  Additionally, FastVision offers password protection, anti-virus, and spam protection.

UKHost4U offers fully automated web hosting.  This site offers free domain registration with unlimited sub-domains as well as unlimited parked domains.  Users of UKHost4U are able to choose live customer service or self-guided troubleshooting, depending on the needs of the user.

Heart Internet is one of the only web hosting sites that offers a price freeze guarantee.  The basic package offers the very basic features, so users are encouraged to purchase a package upgrade in order to have access to a variety of features.  Heart Internet also offers customer support via instant message for immediate troubleshooting.

Finally, Easily offers a unique pay-as-you-go transfer system.  Easily allows users to choose from Linux or Microsoft software.  Customer service for this website is London-based and includes a live chat option.

While web hosting sites offer many of the same services, each are unique and offer services exclusive to them.   Therefore, it is important that you review the various web hosting sites and choose the one that offers the most for you and for your money.

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