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Many times there are opportunities within the web hosting community for a web host to sell a portion of his or her bandwidth to a third party, and then serve as host for the third party.  Often this creates a profit for the seller.  When this opportunity arises, this creates a win-win situation both for the seller and the third party.  In this vein, there are websites available for those who wish to establish themselves as professional third party web hosts.

Third party web hosting is a way for companies to host a website without having to pay an employee or have someone in-house to oversee the website.  Often, a company will lease or rent a portion of already established disk space and allows the owner to publish and maintain the website.  This offers the company a way to reduce costs while affording profit to the owner.

Professional reselling is a relatively inexpensive business venture.  For those wishing to establish themselves as a professional reseller, one does not necessarily need to be particularly knowledgeable regarding the field of web hosting.  One only needs to establish a domain name and offer part of that hard drive space to a third party.  If a reseller is serious enough and innovative enough, professional reselling can be very profitable.

While reselling can be profitable, it can also be a little tricky.  It is important that one reads the terms of service of the associated website to ensure that reselling is not a contract violation.  One can also register with a variety of web hosting sites, so it is important that all of the websites are checked and updated on a consistent basis.  In this case, it is important not to over extend resources.

One huge benefit of third party web hosting is that customer service is obtained through the web hosting website.  As such, web hosts are able to rely on the professional expertise of qualified customer service representatives.  If the reseller is privy to live customer service, this is especially beneficial, as issues will be resolved as they arise rather than waiting on a response.

Another benefit of third party web hosting is that there are websites available that are designed specifically for resellers.  This allows resellers to register the domain names of their clients as well as add or delete users as necessary.  Additionally, many of these websites offer confidentiality options so that clients can remain anonymous if they so choose.  Reselling websites work with users to establish a competent reputation as well as offer assistance to those who request it.

Overall, third party web hosting is an easy, profitable experience for those who are willing to invest the time.   As with most business ventures, it is important that one does the necessary research in order to find websites that will support your efforts.  Finally, it is of utmost importance that one reads and understands the terms of service associated with each web hosting website to make sure that third party web hosting is not a blatant violation of the contract.

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