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When finding a web hosting company, it is important to consider whether you should purchase the service in your local web hosting company or opt for an international based web hosting one. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each will help you choose which of the two is beneficial for you. Below are the reasons why you need to choose your local company:

Customer Service and Support – The quality of customer service and support provided by your local company is guaranteed, unlike an international company. Web hosting providers overseas will only provide you with phone, chat or email support 24/7. If the message has been conveyed properly and comprehensibly, the problems that you will encounter will be solved immediately. However, if not, you will be contacting them repeatedly. If they are supporting many customers by phone, there is a possibility that you will be placed on queue that may possibly take a long time, especially if the phone number is toll free. Waiting is aggravating even if it takes only 10 minutes. The international web-hosting providers may offer a cheaper price, but it is not just the price that you need to consider. The support is also a major consideration.

Currency – When you purchase the hosting services of your local UK web-hosting provider, you will not be having problems with the price. This is because you have the same currency as the provider that means that if they say that the monthly fee is £2, it will always be £2, unless they have notified you that they have implemented an increase in the monthly bill. Unlike when you avail of the international web hosting services, the monthly bill may not be the same as the currency that is fluctuating all the time. The amount you will be paying each month depends with the exchange rate. Never forget this important thing in mind.

Page Loading Time – The page loading time is quicker in your local web hosting company compared to the international one. Do not be tricked with international providers stating that their loading time is as quick as a snap. The data that is being sent on the internet are divided into packets going to the intended server. If there is too much traffic, then it will take time loading. And if there is a problem in the server, there is a possibility that the page of the site loaded is incomplete or is not displayed correctly. Issues like those should be avoided.

Search Engine Visibility – A majority of your new visitors to the site will be coming from a search engine. Through your local web hosting company, the visitors will be limited to UK users. This way you are targeting the right audience and increase the chances of getting the potential customer. Unlike internationally, users of the other countries can see your website. Make sure to ask your international web-hosting provider if they have a feature of demographic targeting if you intend to show your website to UK users only.

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